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Pacu are South American freshwater fish that are related to the piranha, but have very human-like teeth. Source


those songs that start in one earbud and flow into the next


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Anonymous: any advice for incoming college freshman?



sure why not!!!

  • first of all don’t buy books through your schools bookstore unless it’s absolutely necessary!!!! cheggalibris, or even amazon are some nice places where you can buy/rent textbooks for much cheaper. also here’s a post that has links to various places where you can possibly find online versions of textbooks
  • exercise!!! even if it’s just a walk around campus or some crunches or push ups in your dorm. you’re gonna be eating a lot of unhealthy food (at least at my school we just have a food court with a bunch of fast food restaurants) so if you don’t exercise you’re definitely gonna gain the dreaded freshman 15
  • show up to class early, at least for the first few weeks. maybe like 10-15 minutes early. your professors will take notice that you’re early and ready to learn and they’ll be impressed 
  • don’t skip class!!! i know there’s a lot more freedom in college than there is in high school and it makes it soooo easy to just skip class. the temptation is always there but trust me it pays off to just go to class. some of my classes last year offered extra credit in class and only people who showed up could get it. obviously it’s okay to skip class every once in a while if you need to but don’t make it a habit!
  • give yourself ‘you’ time. maybe every sunday night get some snacks and watch a movie or just do something relaxing!!! college can get really really stressful at times so every once in a whole you gotta just take a little time to unwind
  • make lots of friends, drink, party, have a good ass time, but don’t lose sight of why you’re at college in the first place which is to get an education. so have as much fun as you want just don’t let the fun take priority over your school work

My own additions as I prepare to go into my sophomore year:

>Get really used to ebooks, especially if you are living on campus. They are cheaper, require no physical storage space, and are easily as hell to search through and keep organized. 

>Exercise, exercise, exercise. It’s not even about Freshmen 15, to be honest. Within the first month and half of constant classes and no PE, you’ll notice a difference in your health. Seriously guys, even if it’s taking a walk around campus everyday for 15-30 minutes, do it. 

>Most dorms don’t allow any kind of cooking utensils, as they are fire hazards. This is going to make what I’m about the say slightly difficult: avoid the school cafeteria at all costs. Of course, you will have to eat there, but don’t go there all of the time. Get a small fridge in your room and keep it up with some of your favourtie raw fruits and veggies. Nice little snacks that you can eat on your way class instead of Snickers and Bugels.

>Class is important. You’ll hate it, it’ll suck, but it’s important. So is kissing ass. Put your pride to the side and be the biggest brown noser in the room (without annoying the professor). Make sure they know your name and face, as they’ll be more likely to cut you some slack and be willing to work with you if something comes up.

>Find your school’s library, find a spot you like, and make it your spot. This will be where you go to get away from your roommate, or where you go when you have to power through the desire to procrastinate your way from doing homework. Also, do your homework.

>Learn how to say ‘No’. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. If somebody wants to take you to a frat party but you’ve had a shit week and just want to decompress by yourself, do it. You gotta take care of you.

>Learn how to say ‘Yes’. I talked to two girls in my 8 am Accounting class every morning before and after class. Then, they’d go to breakfast and I’d go to my room. One day, they asked why I never came with them. I told them I didn’t want to impose. They told me to come to breakfast with them and I did. They are now my two closest friends. College is a great time for stepping a little further out of your comfort zone every now and then. If it feels right, go for it.